About Me

SANses.com is where I chronicle my life as a full-time working mother of two toddler boys. Once a  fancy-free girl, my life is now chock-ful of quips, questions, dinosaurs, trucks and trains. 

From pregnancy to handling newborns and now facing two talkative toddlers, I share the joys and challenges of motherhood. Parenting, after all, is a road best travelled with good company and a healthy dose of humor and perspective! 

My motto in life: Outsmart ... or be outsmarted by the two boys!  

(Photo credit: Steph Tan Photography)

Feel free to contact me at sanses [at] hotmail [dot] sg, or you can use this Form as well!

I hope you pop by often! I blog pretty frequently, every other day, as I update on things from the mundane to the insightful (I hope!) in this journey of life in general and parenthood in particular!
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