Kids' Eats

Kid Friendly Eateries

Starting 1 August, together with some awesome Singapore mummy bloggers, we will be introducing some of our favourite food places to go to, with kids in tow! Yes, kid-friendly eateries around this sunny island!

I love my food, and I especially love it when restaurants are welcoming and friendly to my two boisterous boys! And when my workday is over, and dinner plans are to be made, sometimes going to a place that serves food to appeal to my bellies and where my kids will have a good time too... is worth the travel, wait (and price tag)!

I am glad to have a whole group of wonderful friends who will be sharing their favourite places as well. And from cosy cafes to family-friendly restaurants to chill-out areas... I hope this list and their experiences will inspire you to also go and spend time with your family over a good meal, coffee and ice-cream too!

Many thanks of course, to the mummies that have contributed their blog entries here!

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