Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas @ City Harvest

And it is finally over...

Since Dec 22, Sat, we have had a series of Christmas services, both at Expo and Jurong West & I have seen the X'mas drama a total of 5 times! Am very proud of our drama team, for putting together this great production!

Oh... And three cheers for my cousin Carol "Anna" Marsh too! LOL... It was a treat seeing her act on stage, and she did such an EXCELLENT job! Especially when she had lines in Chinese. And though she has taken Chinese in school, much of it has faded due to un-use! So - jolly good job, coz!

Saw many new (and old) faces over the past few days, and it has been gratifying for me, to see most of my members really rising up to invite their friends. By far, the MOST EVANGELISTIC award goes to none other than... drumroll... Audrey (7 frens!) & Hen (5 frens - and 5 decisions!!!)! Solid la... You two make me very proud!!!

I was so tired out today, cos mom had a X'mas lunch party today as well. Soon as the last of our friends left, Nic & I collasped @ 6PM... I only woke at 11PM to do some envelope-keying. (He? Still concussed...) We stayed up to an eyeball-popping 430AM the night before... Doing what? LOL... Last minute Xmas present wrapping! Haha...

Now preparing to get back to my "happy place" and sleep!!! =)

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