Tuesday, January 01, 2008

And It's Now 2008...

Wow... How time flies! It is 2008 already!

2007 has been a great year for me. Just want to thank God for several things that happened in the last year:
  • JAYVON! Of course... :) Now I am counting down the DAYS to my prince's official introduction to the world.
  • In the area of my work, thank God for a good & smooth conclusion to my three main "pet projects" of the year... Namely the ISO audit, the annual AGM & not forgetting, FOP! It was one project after the other, but thank God for good colleagues who really helped me through it all!
  • Celebrating my very first wedding anniversary! Nic's not just my husband, he's really my best friend! Haha... He sees the most whine-y, irritating, naggy, grumpy (and the list goes on & on....) and yet still loves me and always treats me & understands me best! =) Love you, dear!
  • All my bridge sessions with our kakis! People like Melvin, Zhiyong, Hendri, Barry, Johnson... Thank you for your friendships and all those overnight sessions ah! It's been oodles of fun! :)

Loads more to be thankful for... but I am looking forward to a more glorious 2008!

Oh.... And we had a special year-end countdown party with the leaders of YK Zone, on board the Stewords Riverboat. We started the party @ 8PM with a round of buffet dinner, and then we had the various sub-zones put up special performances to entertain the crowd! Kudos to "S.H.H" (i.e. Shine, Huifang & Cheryl Hiew) for putting up a getai-worthy performance!!! Another memorable performance was from the BK-PL subzone, who thought up of a skit to illustrate the love story of (none other than) Boon Kiat & Pauline!

And our own sub-zone put up a sterling performance as well! We (err... we as in the REST of them la) put on the High School Musical togs and danced to the song "We're all in this together!" My contribution? Haha... Singing as the BV over the soundtrack!

Pastor Yock Kiang also presented with the leaders the very special "YK Zone Annual Report 2007"! Impressive! He shared about the demography of our members, our distinctive as a zone, and most importantly, the vision and direction for 2008! Yes Pastor... We hear you loud & clear!

At 12midnight, the fireworks went off, so we all clamoured to the top of the RiverBoat to catch a glimpse of the fireworks! And to end off the night's program, Ps Yock Kiang took to the mike to sing a song! 强哥, 我们永远支持你!

Melvin, Kelvin & Johnson provided the laughs as it came to the part of the slow dances... Very, very interesting, their choice of partners!!! Hahaha... New year, new beginning la!

At 2AM, we finally cleared out of the Riverboat... Unwilling to come home, and enticed by the possibility of supper, Nic, Mel, Johnson & myself went off to Mel's place to have supper as well as indulge in one of Mel's Christmas present this year - Monopoly Here & Now! It is a super fun version, no cash is involved, but ALL transactions are done through a "credit card" issued to each player. We played two games & BOTH times, Johnson was the one to single-handedly bankrupt Nic! Hahahaha...

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Yvonne said...

i missed out all that... so sad...