Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Food Recommendations!

Well... Think my CG's pretty blessed to have not just one but TWO members who have family-owned & prospering food businesses!

My long-time member Samuel is one of them. Since 2, 3 years back, when E346 was still pretty much an NS-men CG & our CGMs were on Sunday morning @ Sam's place, I remember always having ABUNDANCE of food for EVERY SINGLE CELL GROUP MEETING. Yes. Every single meeting. Maybe that's the by-product of having a CG full of hungry NS-men! Hahaha... Samuel would very generously supply an abundance of his shop's famous mini bak-changs, kong-bak baos & otaks... We would also often have cooking sessions after cell groups, having steamboat or cooking chicken rice from scratch! Those were the days... :) It was super fun leading those guys!!!
Now, with CG no longer @ Sam's house, we can only have his delicious Peranakan fare @ his restaurant: Kim Choo Restaurant along East Coast Road. Check out their website for the address to this very authentic Peranakan restaurant! Since young, my grandmother cooked all these food every Christmas! Yummy curry devil, babi pongteh, ayam buah keluak... drooooool... So Kim Choo offers very authentic Peranakan food! Check them out! I especially recommend the Beef Rendang, Assam Fish Head & Buah Keluak! We've gone there for dinner after the Sat service a few times, and after splitting the bill between the few of us, it is really at an affordable $15 per head max!

The assam fish head dish!

Of course, my other member's none other than Zhiyong, who has two Bak Kut Teh outlets in the city... One's at the Kopitiam @ Rochor (opposite Fu Lu Shou Complex) and the other stand-alone store's at Upper Circular Quay (just opposite Clarke Quay MRT). The shop name? Song Fa Bak Kut Teh (dun go to the wrong one... LOL) There're quite a number of famous BKT stalls around (e.g. the super-peppery one @ Balestier & there's another one @ PSA) but I like this best! Hahaha... Yeah - I am biased. But good food is good food la! Even before he became my CG member, I've known of this stall & even eaten there a couple of times! I am a very "soup" person, so going to his place, it is a great & shiok feeling for me to ask for multiple soup refills! Hahaha... And my fave side dish is his trotter's leg. I can't comment much on the other offerings (err like the liver/kidney soup or the intestines or the chicken feet with tau kee...) simply cause I don't like these ingredients at all. But... Nic lurves this kind of stuff & he lurves this place too! Hahaha...

Nic & I brought one of Nic's Sydney frens, Alex, to the Rochor outlet when he came to Singapore.

So try out both restaurants!!!! :)

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