Saturday, January 26, 2008

My Sad Day...

When Jayvon was discharged from KKH yesterday, the doctor told us his jaundice count was 153 - which is just a little above the "mild limit", so she told us to bring Jayvon to the polyclinic the next morning.

Well... This morning, we bundled our little prince and set out to Marine Parade Polyclinic. It was a horrid customer service experience - I shall just leave it at that, suffice to say I am a definite advocate of PRIVATE clinics from hereon for my baby. Anyhow, the sad news *sob!*: Jayvon needs to be immediately hospitalised cos his jaundice count shot up to 292! So, with many tears in my eyes, we sent our newly discharged baby prince back to KKH...

For all that is said about KKH, after this incident, I am an advocate also of KKH. Apart from having very very nice & more importantly, GENTLE doctors and nurses who were gentle in examining my poor Jayvon, they were genuinely concerned about him (not like .... huumph! 'Nuff said!)

Well, he is still in KKH now, being shone under the ultraviolet machine. Nic & I just came back from the hospital to check on him. One high point: We (or rather, I) were tearing as we saw our baby... And before we left him back to the nurses, we laid hands on him to pray. He was sleeping throughout our 10 minute visit, but was just stirring and being a bit restless just as we wanted to pray... but the moment we started praying for him, he quietened down immediately. :) :) :) My smart prince!!! A blood test done at 6pm also showed his jaundice count has come down to 255... Praise the Lord!

So... today has been quite an emotional one for me. Hmmm... I guess it is my personality - being a very "I" person, I emote super easily. Haha... My tear ducts tend to have a life of their own. And that is my emotional outlet. Maybe to some, it was quite a sight, seeing me as I was tearing ALL DAY LONG... Haha... thinking back now (now that I know my baby is recovering), I understand rationally that my baby IS going to be alright. There was never a doubt in my mind. No need to assure me! I DO KNOW!!!

BUT... the sad thing to me was the fact he has to be separated from his Daddy & Mummy for three days.... SIGH... Even writing this can make me tear... Haha... But I guess you've got to really know me to understand me la. I told Jayvon as we about to leave him... that he would never remember this incident EVER (which is why I am blogging this down) but to us, it is our first inkling of the pangs of parenthood ba.

Which is why I am thankful for Nic. Though he was as affected and sad as I was, he did not crumble into a mess like I did... I was totally not functioning once I heard the news! But he managed to take the lead for the family and hand-hold not just Jayvon but also me, without minimising my feelings! Best Hubby & Daddy!!! :)

And lastly, to all our family & friends, thanks for all your prayers... Looking forward to introducing you all to our lil' Prince soon!!!

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