Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Past Week...

Finally out of the "woods"! Hahaha... The past 7 days have been pretty much a blur of sleeplessness cos both Nic & I are just getting used to Jayvon's feeding schedule. Guess all my "ton-ning" is now put to the test, cos he wakes up every 2-3 hours for a feed, and his most alert hours are between 4 to 7 AM!

So to all my cell members, friends, colleagues (esp you, Jerbie!!!)... Pls excuse my slow reply of SMSes, cos usually in the afternoons when he is finally sound asleep that I, too, can catch some shuteye.

We're still monitoring his jaundice level. It went up slightly yesterday again (to 230)... but so long as it stays below 300, it is still manageable. Just that we got to keep checking till he can officially be "discharged" when the level hits 120 only.

However, no matter the sleepless nights and dark eye bags, Jayvon has been a great source of joy & entertainment for us! Seeing how he responds to us... his cute facial expressions... Hahaha! Very fun! Will upload the pictures and the vids soon as well.

Thanks for all the prayers & support - oh, and his baby shower'll be on 17 Feb @ Marine Parade (my mom's place)... Will be emailing / SMS-ing you all the details soon! I'm looking forward to the end of my "confinement" as well... Though I've not really been strictly confined la, but at least I wanna be able to bring my baby OUT! (And not just to check his jaundice level la)...

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Shilin said...

Looking forward to see more pics! Do upload quick :)