Monday, March 03, 2008

The last few days..

Well, for want of a better title... This is a short summary of the last few days!

Attended the Sunday service this week, as Nic had a colleague's wedding dinner on Sat & my thumb was still strained so not really able to bring Jayvon to Expo & back by myself.

Service was good! First off, we had Fei-er & Ah Qing from F.I.R. singing 'live'! Though I was in the Nursery with Jayvon, but I still very much enjoyed their vocals and energy. I am not really a Chinese pop person - but their songs are really good! Haha... I was also super impressed with Ah Qing's electric guitar skills.

Pastor Kong then preached a message on SERVANTHOOD. One of the points Pastor made was on the willingness to serve, period. Not just banking on your strengths, or areas of expertise/preference/enjoyment... but simply, the willingness to just serve. Whatever. Whenever. And I am very happy - a total of THREE of my cg members will be going for SOT this year! Fantastic... I am very excited for them! =) May this year be one of greater breakthroughs & a closer walk with God...

On Sunday, we also brought Jayvon to see Jaelyn. Yeap - Baoting's little princess! And she is sooo adorable! Very cute and very sweet features! :) The two of them were born just a mere 10 days apart but ... it looks like my little sumo prince is bigger sized than her! Didn't manage to take a pic of both of them together though!!!

Oh - and congrats once more to Ben & Serena! Wow - Serena emailed me their financial testimony, even in the midst of the BF and in the run-up to their wedding in June of this year! God is indeed faithful! Those who sow in tears shall surely reap with joy! Shan't steal their thunder by blogging about exactly what God has blessed them with, suffice to say it is fabulous!... Go ask them!

And so, ends yet another week. It is just another three more weeks before I get back to my "normal" work routine! I have to admit, Suntec seems a little foreign now though! Haha... I am so used to THIS life, it will take me a while to re-adjust back as well!!!

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