Friday, May 23, 2008

Hati Hamba... A Servant's Heart


Anonymous said...

do you have this song in English?

San said...

Nope... I don't have the English meaning (yet). But, this song is translated into Chinese. Will post the Chinese lyrics soon.

Anonymous said...

Standing in awe of your grace
Setting my feet in your ways
Entering into your presence
To behold you face to face

God of all heaven and earth
Holding me in your embrace
Unfailing love that surrounds me
Oh God I stand amazed

My Jesus my Lord
Your the love of my life
wherever You go
Wanna be by your side
No longer I but Christ living in me
Serving you for all eternity
My eyes set on you
In this race that I run
No longer my ways
Let your will be done
Make me a servant
My heart's ever true
Clinging to the cross
I'll follow you
I'll follow you