Friday, May 02, 2008

Maid-less In Singapore

Well, we're officially MAID-less!

It has been a rough three months, from the time we got our first maid to now. It really isn't easy, to make the decision to send both of them back. Knowing that they came all the way to Singapore in the hope to give their families back home a better life... Sending them back to the agency seems rather mean and bad, and so it has been rather emotionally draining (for me more so... Nic more "biz-like" & rational. Hahaha...)

Reason for sending each back is different. With Lyn, it was her inability to look after Jayvon well.

But with Merriam, it's cos she is not serious about wanting to work for us. She is a hypochondriac-princess. From taking afternoon naps (!!) to drinking milo four times a day (when we told her to stop, cos it is super heaty... I and my sister caught her eating Milo powder!?!) to her insistence that she wanted to go back to the Philippines. When she packed her luggage to prepare to be sent back, I was quite taken aback at the amount of clothes she had. When she first came, she told us that she only had 1 pair of berms for "work," so we went to buy her 3 pair of bermudas and my sister gave her some old OP T-shirts. Then when I saw what she had packed ... It is quite an eye-opener. She packed at least 10 different tops (from spag tops to baby tees) and 5 different bottoms (a pair of white jeans, 2 other pairs of blue jeans, a jeans skirt and culottes too).

It has been so tiring, and EXPENSIVE. Thank goodness it is finally over!

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