Thursday, September 25, 2008

My Week of "Leisure"


It's is the Singapore Grand Prix Weekend!

And what a huge project! For months I have seen the grandstands being set up, the lights installed, the signs to warn us of impending road blocks...

Though our dear landlord assured us that life will go on as usual and we will not be affected (Huh? Hallo? Ya right...), I decided to take the WEEK off.


Yeap, I can hear your collective cry of envy and jealousy. Stop narrowing your eyes at me! Hahaha!


Well... with Baby I guess it is a little hard to become a woman of leisure! Haha...

So this was a week spent with my growing baby.

Oh, and before I forget...

Happy 8th Month, Baby Darling!


Yes, my little prince is now EIGHT months old!

And from just being a milk-guzzler, he has progressed on to SOLIDS.


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