Tuesday, October 14, 2008

5 minutes = $45

Yeap. This was the grand total I spent in Borders this afternoon.

I had a sudden "craving" to buy the Project Smitten magazine, after hearing Jerb & Grace gush about it. Gosh, see how backward I am now? I haven't even SEEN this magazine for the past few months. But the cover's really unique. Rather than having photos of models, they have DRAWING of the models and clothes and accessories and all. Really pretty!

Oh, ya... Back to how I came to spend $45 when I only wanted to get ONE magazine.

Well, my first stop was to this small little Mama Shop at Roxy Square. Mama Shop being a Mama Shop - no Smitten magazine there!

So I crossed over the overhead bridge to 7-Eleven to see if I could get my mag there... Once again, no such luck.

So, I decided to go to Borders.

And the moment I entered... Aah... there Smitten was, amidst the HUGE (& I mean, HUGE) array of other lifestyle and parenting magazines!

Along the aisle as I reached for my Smitten magazine, out of the corner of my eye, I saw like 10 different titles of Parenting magazine. I picked up Young Parents, thought the content looked interesting and thought, "Might as well!"

And as I walked to the Cashier, I saw the BOOKS. Oh man. I miss reading so much. The first book I flipped was entitled: "A Year In High Heels" with the foreword by Manolo Blahnik. Hmm... Interesting cover, nice and pink and glittery. But I decided it was too... FLUFF... for me.

So I went to the Bestsellers section (I am a "go with the crowd" person, what can I say?!)... Several books seemed interesting. Warren Buffet had a book out. But it was like a THICK book. A THICK AND BLACK hard-cover book. Err... A bit too heavy for me, I decided.

And so, in the end, I decided to buy a book by Richard Branson "Business Stripped Bare, Adventures of a Global Entrepreneur."

And here ends my mini-spree. Sigh. This has GOT to be my last impulse shopping trip man! Time to hang my shopping black belt... sob!

When I finish the book will do a mini review here! The operative word here being ... "when". Hahaha! But this book looks "finish-able" compared to the Warren Buffet tome la. :)

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