Friday, November 28, 2008

Back @ Work!

After such an awesomely-awesome and awesomely-tiring week...

I am back at work!

Now, putting the Asia Conference behind us...

We have Christmas ahead!!!


I love Christmas! I really do!

The Orchard Road decor (this year's really pretty!)... The Christmas shopping (the only time of the year Nic wont nag too much at me! Hahaha!)... Oh, and it is my baby's very first Christmas! Wooooo... So fun!


In case you're wondering, and I know a lot of you kind souls out there lurve my Jayvon as much as we do... you can get him Mothercare vouchers! Hahaha! Cos we need to get a good carseat for him. But if you must choose his wardrobe, please buy at least 18-24 months sizing or 2 years... unless you want Eljasz to wear the clothes! =)

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