Thursday, November 13, 2008

My 2nd Wedding Anniversary

November 11, 2008 marked our second wedding anniversary. How time flies! (This is an oft-heard expression in my blog...)

I started this blog to just jot down my memories & thoughts as I was preparing to get married... all the w-a-y back in August 2006! And fast forward to this day now, I am already a mother of an (almost) 10-month old. Wow...

Though in the thick of the Asia Conference preparations, Nic & I both took leave to spend the day together. And we decided to pamper ourselves!

First off... We brought Jayvon & Mun to the Office Nursery. Sorry darling, this is Mummy & Daddy's special day! :)

Then we headed off to Vivocity for a hearty breakfast @ Toast Box. Yummy! I love their sugar thick toast!

And the real reason we went to Vivo for breakfast?

To catch a movie... at GV Gold Class.


In the darkness of the cinema, this close up of the seat cover was the best shot. But it was a fantastic, "addictive" experience!

The super lush and comfortable seats...

The blanket to snuggle under...

The Coca-cola that didn't come in a paper cup but in a proper glass...

The wonderfully crisp potato wedges...

Aah... Heaven!

Like I said, it is an addictive experience! Nic & I loved it!

Why the splurge? Well, I figured it was pretty worth it. A good 10 months ago, Nic & I would probably catch a movie every 1-2 weeks. So... Spending that $28 after 10 loooooooooooong months, ain't that much of a extravagant expense! More like... a lil' pat on the back! Hahaha...

Well, if you have any spare pair of Gold Class tickets or money, you know where to channel it to! =)

Oh, and the movie? Quantum of Solace. I enjoyed it - typical Bond movie... Chase on the roads, chase on the water, and just when I was thinking about it, yes there was an air-chase too!

After the movie, we walked around a bit, got a few presents and then proceeded to The Cathay to have our late lunch at Aston's Specialties. It was another great experience! I always wanted to try this place, but evening after evening, the snaking queue at the Aston's nearest my place (East Coast Road) would always put me off. So I tried to Honey Bourbon Ribs & Nic tried the Prime Ribeye Xtra Cut.


It was definitely VALUE FOR MONEY! Two finger-licking thumbs up!

I also loved the Cream of Mushroom! Definitely try it! It may be a good idea to go during off-peak times cos the restaurant's almost always crowded. As a sign of things, just outside the restaurant, they were laying the cue-poles, in anticipation of the crowds of people to come!

And after a hearty meal, we went back to the Nursery to pick up Baby! Aah... Here's your chance to celebrate with Daddy & Mummy!

We went to go on the Singapore Flyer! What a fantastic experience! It was fun whilst up there, and Jayvon also was (more or less) well-behaved. Here are some of our pics... At the top view of Singapore!


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ED said...

Wow...sounds like a great day.

Congrats on your 2nd!