Monday, January 19, 2009

Jayvon’s Birthday Party

After weeks of preparations, Jayvon finally managed to celebrate his first-year birthday mark at the Aloha Loyang Resorts on Sunday.

Loads of friends, family & colleagues came by to celebrate the occasion with us. We are so blessed & warmed by your love!

Here’re some pictures in case you missed any of it!


The lovely surroundings of the party – we booked the Garden Bungalow, and there was a big garden just behind the BBQ area, where our friends congregated and sat around & enjoyed the food!


Check out the Birthday Cake! It was as nice as I anticipated! I wanted to have a 3D cake design. Most of the websites I went to offered 3D cakes, but at a staggeringly high price (which I felt wasn’t really worth it, cos Jay himself won’t be as appreciative). So this Coffee Bean cake – weighing in at a sumo-worthy 6kg and was made of banana marble rather than the usual vanilla sponge – was a nice compromise!


One of the highlights of the party – playing with bubbles! Jay could hardly keep his eyes or fingers off the hundreds of pretty bubbles!

Here’re some other random photos…


Aunty Jac & Jay: His expression here is priceless!


Jay & Mommy!


With the three wise men…  As they try to get him to s-m-i-l-e for the camera! See the bed? I got my domestic helper to bring along an extra bedsheet from home to put over the bed at the chalet room! Felt so much more hygienic and comfortable! Of course, we brought along two bolsters and two pillows… Anything to make Jay feel at ease and have a good night’s sleep!


With Mommy’s two good colleagues – Aunty Evan & Aunty Jerbie!


Samuel was absolutely enthralled with the ship cake too! See? Caught in the act of stealing the candies off the top of the cake! Haha!

Well, all in all, it was a fun time. Jay thoroughly enjoyed being the very CENTRE of attention! Oh, and all the presents! Wow – he was excited (hmm… but I think his cousins were more excited than he was though! Haha!)

Nic & I? Dead tired. :P Looking forward to my day of rest tomorrow!


Shalee- Be Speechless said...

Too cute!
And that cake looks delicious!


Karen said...

Last photo is GABRIEL taking the candies from the cake... Wrong nephew.. Of course, Samuel started it and Gabriel copied... :-)

DiPaola Momma said...

I layed eyes on that precious face when you commented on my blog this morning and I just HAD to stop by.. look I got rewarded with even more pictures of him.. what a DOLL! That cake is great too. Happy birthday Jayvon.. even if it's a little late.