Thursday, February 12, 2009

5 Pills A Day Times Seven Days Equals…

Well, for a pill-popper-hater like myself, it equals agony, really.

I used to groan big time when I had to pop antihistamines once a day for my hives (a.k.a. urticaria). Of course, I slowed off and eventually stopped.

But this? Sigh…

I have to finish the entire course. That’s 35 pills. Huge white pills. Specifically Acyclovir 800 MG (anti-viral meds).


Ah well, I’m two days into the course. 5 more days and 25 more pills to go!

Nic also commented it was a good thing I went to see the doctor when I did. There wasn’t really a “noticeable” or usual pain or illness. In fact, just as I was about to enter, I was thinking of what to say to the doctor and how to explain! Haha! And when I finally saw Dr. Ooi, and he asked me what was wrong with me today, I replied, “Hmm… I don’t really know. I was just thinking of how to reply you!…” Well, God does work in miraculous ways! Thankfully I went and got myself properly diagnosed before I infected people (and especially Jayvon!)

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