Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Shocking News

Whenever I see my usual family doctor (the ever-smiley Dr. Ooi), he usually only gives me a one-day MC. No matter the symptoms and no matter how unwell I felt. Just 1 day.

I’ve always kinda wondered why some other people seem to get 2- or 3-day MCs to “easily”. Haha!

*Ahem!* But anyways… I am in shock now. Which explains to delirious rambling.

I was feeling unwell today, so I decided to see Dr. Ooi to get an MC. All
I wanted (and needed) was a 1-day MC.

And his final diagnosis? I have shingles. SHINGLES. I didn’t even KNOW what shingles WAS till that moment!

He explained that shingles (otherwise known as herpes zoster or simply zoster) occurs in people who have had a chicken-pox outbreak before. The chicken-pox virus remains within the person and is never totally expulsed, and will “resurface” in an "immunocompromised” person (according to wikipedia). And the worse thing? (if this news isn’t bad enough already)… I am infectious! Sob!!! I cannot even come near my baby! And I am on a 14-day MC. Got to stay away from crowded places as I am infectious to those who have not had chicken pox previously.

And all along, I just thought that small area of insect-like bites was just that – insect bites!!

I was in shock as I went out of Dr. Ooi’s office. I am still kinda in shock even now.

Came home, went to search wikipedia for more information on my condition and saw way-gross photos of people with shingles on their face, neck, chest… *shudder* … I am so thankful my shingles appeared on my thigh only.

Well… I think I will be blogging a lot more these 14 days! Haha! Then again, I may not have anything to blog about! LOL!

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