Friday, March 06, 2009

Blackberry Curve 8900 (Javelin) Review


Meet my new best friend. Haha! The Blackberry Curve 8900.

As an ex-Bold user, I love the following features of the Javelin:

A slimmer body – making it easier for me to type with one hand. Useful especially when I have to carry my prince on the other hand.

“Pop-up” keyboard – overall easier to type and lower probability of hitting the wrong key! With the Bold, I have to use both hands or will be faced with numerous typos in a simple short SMS.

Faster browser loading speed – it may be my “imagination,” but the Javelin does seem to load webpages faster then the Bold!

Though the screen of the Javelin is smaller than the Bold, the resolution is no less clear. Still as good!

3.2 megapixel camera – compared to the 2 megapixel camera on the Bold.

One of the “shortfalls” of the Javelin: It is on a 2G network. The Bold is the only Blackberry that supports 3G to date. But I figured I will not be travelling to Japan anytime soon, and won’t be data roaming even if I were going Japan! Too exorbitant a cost! The 3G network seems a bit kooky nowadays with a few dropped calls too!

IMG_2133So I am really pleased with my new Javelin! Strongly recommended! Especially for girls who find the Bold a bit too bulky & broad!

Oh, and if you’re wondering why there is a glossy sheen to my Javelin, it is because I just went to G-mask the phone! This time round, I chose a transparent cover for the front and a funky pink shimmery pattern for the back!

On a side note, I’m getting pretty frustrating at my Canon Ixus 75 Camera. The photos turn out so fuzzy! So irritating! So I’ve entrusted Yang to help me source for a cheap SLR camera! Yes… I’ll be venturing into the world of those huge, black cameras! He was telling me the price range of new SLR cameras, and they are really out of my budget, so he has agreed to help me scour the forums to get the best deal! :) Please bear with the lousy, fuzzy, slightly out of focus shots for now – I promise nicer shots (hopefully soon)!!!


ED said...

Nice phone...My Bold is killing me...:(

Go for the is worth it, esp with the kids

Molly said...

Ooh! I love that flower pattern!

My phone is in the dark ages and I'm there right along with it I'm sorry to say.

Good luck camera hunting!

Anonymous said...

I'm so jealous!

Jimmy Yong said...

Hi san,

actually i wanna get a javelin too... but then i wonder why singtel shop haven sell yet... weird... so in the end, i just got a bold lor...

San said...

San-Jimmy: U should have asked us! Haha! Gracie just bought her new Javelin too (to sell!) :)

BB Javelin said...

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your baby is cute :)

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