Saturday, March 21, 2009

Three Prams And A Baby

I have one baby.

And errr… Three prams for him.

I know that sounds horrendously extravagant (my sisters would roll their eyes and agree) but *coughcough* I have a perfectly good excuse reason explanation.

See, my first pram was a Combi. One that I thoroughly disliked and regretted buying soon after! The pram was toooooo “plasticky” in its feel, and I always felt insecure leaving my chubby fat adorable baby inside. And so, when Jay was about 3 months, we snagged a good deal and bought our fabulously green Peg Perego Pliko Pramette at S$400! That is almost half the regular retail price! And for a second hand pram that was as good as new, this was a well-worthy investment. In fact, I loved it so much, my diaper bag is in the same shade of gorgeous green! And no, green isn’t really my favourite colour. But still!!! Colour coordination is still important!

So if you don’t count the Combi (I sure don’t!), then he basically only has one usable, functional, ultra-comfy pram.

Last Sunday we met up with Nic’s parents and sis to have a family dinner at Shaw House, and after that we decided to take a long walk to Takashimaya Shopping Centre to see the Baby Fair that was going on there.

maclarendaytripperAnd ta-da! Courtesy of Grandma, here’s Jayvon’s third second third pram! The Maclaren Daytripper.

It is lightweight, lightweight, lightweight!

And the best thing was that it was going for a song! The original retail price is S$238, but because of the Baby Fair, we snagged this at a mere S$98! What a deal!

On Wednesday, I ‘test-drove’ the new pram, by bringing Jay out for a stroll by myself, over a variety of different terrains and grounds.


Overall, the Daytripper is a breeze to use, but over bumpier and rockier surfaces, I can feel my palms “numbed” from the constant vibrating motion! But Jay didn’t seem to mind much, and he was quite happy all the way! Of course, he is now 14 months. I don’t think I’d really like this pram if he was just 6 months (the minimum age of babies to use such strollers).

And so, I would definitely still use the Peg Perego because it wins hands-down in terms of comfort and stability (even over rocky gravel or uneven grounds, the pram is so sturdy Jay hardly feels any jolt!). But for “normal” light and day-to-day usage, the Maclaren Daytripper is definitely a good buy! And at half the weight of the Peg Perego, the Daytripper is easier on my shoulders. Erm. I mean Nic’s shoulders.

(P.S. If you notice the picture montage of Jay in his pram over the various terrains, I experimented with Photoscape’s cute cliparts to make this out! Very fun!)


Anonymous said...

Yes, sounds typical for moms to have too many strollers! Lol!

Mama Bub said...

I am a stroller-holic! We currently own three, and I ALWAYS have stroller envy when I'm out an about!

Denise and Debbie said... went to the Taka sale afterall...:)

San said...

San-Dawn: Yeap! Such a good deal!

Klessis said...

Haha.. come to think of it.. My Baby Joey has 3 prams too! But only the 1st one was bought by us, and deeply regretted.. the next 2 were gifts.. =D Just like ladies need different handbags for different occasions, so do our babies!