Friday, May 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Justyn!


I may be watching too much of Playhouse Disney Channel.

When I think “Happy Birthday!” the song that comes to mind is not the usual “Happy birthday to yooooou…”

Rather it is the Playhouse Disney Channel’s birthday rendition that rings incessantly in my head. “Have a magical wonderful….. playhouse disney birth-h-h-h-day!” Anyone got the full lyrics? Hahaha!

Anyways, I digress (as usual).

It was Justyn’s first birthday yesterday! Woo-hoo! Congrats to Ps Yong & Val!

They threw a huge party in the office nursery, with a cute Bear cake (as above), balloons, streamers and most importantly, good food.

Jay was sleeping and I couldn’t let him miss out on the action. So, I went into the sleeping room and *ahem* asked if he would like to come out to play. And tickled him a few times when he didn’t appear to have heard me. Hahaha! As a treat, I shared a whole KFC chicken drumstick and mashed potatoes with him!


He lurved the food, the balloons and the many people crowding around! As you can see, he had this groovy just-out-of-bed look!

After food comes some photo-taking!


With the birthday boy himself!

I spotted Keira in the corner and dragged my boy to sit by her to have that Kodak moment!


“Huh? What are YOU doing here?”


“What am I doing here?”


“Jayvon out.”

So hard to get a good shot…

But here’s our parting shot…


Jay and all his frens! Cute babies and cute babes! Haha!

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Cairo Typ0 said...

Happy birthday, Justyn!!!

Do i sense a future love match in that one photo? :p