Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Another Date Night

It is getting to be a routine! Once again, we dropped Jayvon off at my parents'-in-law place and Nic & I trooped down to Vivocity to enjoy some alone time!

This time, we decided to watch Monsters vs Aliens, which turned out to be a great choice! We also decided to splurge on the 3D-version.


What a hilarious movie!

I must admit, we decided on this show, as well… frankly there was no other offering, and I really wanted to catch a movie. The only other movie option was Terminator-Salvation, which frankly does not appeal to me. At. All.

So there we were. With our funky 3D glasses. Surrounded by many children. Many children.


Regretting it by the minute. Especially after coughing out $13 A SEAT. To look like… well… idiots… I was mentally sighing even as I took in the popcorn (which was strangely blander than the last time we ate it!)

And then the movie started.

And gosh, it was really funny! I loved the jokes (hahaha… “convenient truth”!) and the cockroach-scientist and B.O.B.! Totally hilarious!

Of course, being a cartoon, there is the predictable storyline and good-triumphs-evil ending, but it was an enjoyable movie. After my Night At The Museum 2 outing, which I felt was tired, this MvsA movie, while no heavy-weight, is sure a fresh and fun movie outing!

The 3D? I wasn’t too hot about it. We were sitting three rows away from the big screen, so it did give my stomach a mini workout at times! But it sure added to the overall entertainment value!

Entertainment value (out of 5 stars): 4-5 stars

Storyline: 3-5 stars


Klessis said...

The photo with u and Nic wearing the 3D specs will be one of those photos your kids will laugh at next time when they grow up. =D

ED said...

Will the kids like it?

I mean my daughter :)

San said...

San-Kless: Ya man... Hahaha!

San-ED: Oh yes, esp the 3D one! I think it is worth the extra $$$ cos it makes it more interactive and fun-ner!

Cairo Typ0 said...

I really look forward to seeing this at some point. Knowing me it'll be on my next flight though. LOL