Thursday, June 11, 2009

Canon vs Canon

Or in other words…

Why I l-u-r-v-e my new DSLR camera!

Well, it all started with Cairo’s comment on my last blog entry, on how I should compare my old Canon Ixus 75 with my new baby, the Canon EOS 400D.

I had grand plans.

I wanted to take both cameras out on a spin. Take some varied shots. Really wow you guys.

Then … Jayvon fell sick. Don’t get me started on how babies are just… babies… when it comes to falling ill. You know, they get whiny and irritable and difficult to appease. And they lose their appetite. And they wake up nine times a night.

So pardon my aching bones, as I basically cheat rehash some old photos.

Like how the same white tiger looked through the lens of two cameras. Okay. Maybe not the SAME tiger. I think there were three white tigers in that same enclosure. But you get the idea.


Unedited, by Canon Ixus 75. Zoomed to the maximum.


Unedited, by Canon EOS400D.

Gosh. I love my new camera more. Check out the stripes! Haha!


By Canon Ixus 75. Not bad eh? Of course the butterflies were pretty stationery.


By the DSLR. Now this wasn’t a planned shot. I was trying to carry Jay and juggling to pass the camera to Nic when the shot was accidentally taken. You can see a view of Jay’s yellow crocs in the foreground. Whose sports shoes are those? I have no idea. When I reviewed the shots, I was really taken aback at this!



Yeap – the bottom pic was taken with the DSLR.

Of course, the argument can be time of shot (I went in the early rather cloudy afternoon the first time round with my Ixus, and on a brighter, hotter late morning the second time round), position, camera man/woman skills (shaddap) and general positioning of the shot.

With a relatively stationery subject with bright colour and good sunlight, the Canon Ixus is really a pretty okay camera.

But my biggest regret?

Not getting the DSLR sooner.


Cairo Typ0 said...

WOW!!!!! Those photos are amazing. The differences between the two sets is unbelievable. That's ad right there to buy a new camera!

ED said...

Of course DSLR win!

U are definitely paying for quality!

I will get MJ to look at photos...h is deciding on camera

grace.tan said...

I wanna buy one soonn!

Margaret said...

Ooo I like the photos that you got:) Good job!

Joanna Jenkins said...

Wow, that's a real difference!!!! Maybe it's time I get anew camera too :-) Ad the white tigers are amazing!