Thursday, June 18, 2009

Fun For The Family!

It is National Family Celebration month! And there are loads of good deals for Singaporeans & PRs to snap up, to bring their kids for a great time!


Nic & I will be bringing Jay for his very first DUKw-tour (pronounced ‘duck-tour’) next Sunday. My sis Karen has generously sponsored tickets for us to this event, and for the entire month of June, you can get DUKw tour tickets for $2.09 each (after buying the first one at the normal rate of $29.90, and you can buy up to 3 tickets at this concession rate!) Kids below 3 years old get to board the DUKw for free too!

Looks fun!


Check out City Tours for more info!

(Nope, this is not a paid advert. Just a good deal I wanted to share with you all! Then again, it should be. A paid advert, I mean. Haha!)


Klessis said...

wow! that's a real good deal! Been wanting to bring joey on a duck tour!

Little Nut Tree said...

Returning the SITs love, somewhat belatedly. We visited Singapore two years ago but didn't go on a duck tour - I wanted to, it just didn't work out. We did see the zoo though (my it was hot) and the Merlion of course. I love that lime juice you have over there, you don't get it here.

San said...

San-Kless: Yes, go for it! It is a good deal! :)

San-Little Nut Tree: Glad you enjoyed the trip over here! Yes - we have fantastically summery-hot weather here all year round! Haha! :)