Wednesday, June 24, 2009

That Urge…

That urge to buy things online is back, no thanks to things like online sales!

This is the ultimate test of self-control!

Some screenshots of things that are tugging at my heart & purse strings…


I know. I am tall. I don’t need to wear heels. But I want to. It doesn’t stop me from longing for towering heels. I am in love with heels which give me a back ache and tired calves… but look so good.


This has got to be one of my favourite sites. They sell Mek Denim jeans and Junk Food tees and more. So pretty! And the guys’ stuff is fabulous too. I ordered from here twice already…


This was Wendy’s recommendation. Too many brands to list. All drool-worthy.


Found this cute online store. I’ve always received their email blasts on items, and a couple of weeks ago, I decided to order a dress and a pair of heels. Their international shipping rates are also very reasonable!

Sigh… this was quite the therapeutic process. And it helped me NOT make any buys again! God, help me!


Klessis said...

oh my gosh, stop putting up links to more fabulous blogshops!!!! I'm going mad soon! ......and very broke.. haha!

San said...

Hahaha! It is my 'therapy'... I love online browsing! :P Actually BUYING the stuff... way bonus!