Sunday, July 12, 2009

Thinking of the ‘Right’ Preschool

Jayvon is now 18 months.

Yes. 18 months.

Wasn’t I just pregnant? Waddling around in my yoga pants, and being able to eat without fear of repercussion?

And I tell you, I can remember lying there in the delivery ward and watched as my prince opened his small eyes and starting his thumb-sucking, when he was barely 5 minutes into the world…


Has it been 18 months already?

And now it is time to think of where to put my baby. I mean, toddler. Nah… He will always be my baby. (Of course, Jay, if you read this and you’re like a 20-year old handsome strapping lad… Yah. U heard me. Baby. Hahaha!)

I have looked at two options.

Little Big



and after mulling over it for a good week, I am still undecided.

There is the matter of curriculum, which I feel MindChamps has the upper hand. Then comes the value system of the school, which I agree with MindChamps, but also Little Big. Cost-wise, MindChamps is also a good 50% more expensive than Little Big (gulp-gulp-and-triple-gulp!). Facilities-wise, I fancy MindChamps’ large rooms and spacious quarters.

So that’s three ticks to MindChamps and two ticks to Little Big.

But the prohibitive cost definitely calls us to pull the stops on going right ahead, and needing to really plan our budget. After all, it is a four-year investment, totalling to quite a big sum!

God, please give us the wisdom!


angie said...

He's a doll. Good luck making your pre-school decision, and thanks for stopping by!

JH said...

We went to check out four pre-schools over a period of 4 months, before deciding. so you've more time and more options to explore before making a decision!

San said...

San-angie: Thanks! ;)

San-JH: Yeah, we need to "shop" a bit more!

Kim said...

Time flies doesn't it!? My son is going to turn two next weekend and I don't know when he started growing up! *Sniff, Sniff* Good luck deciding on a preschool!

Connie Weiss said...

Mind Champs sounds really impressive!

Good Luck!

Debbie said...

Wow. That is early to have to consider so much! Good luck:)

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your decision!