Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What is Postmodernism?

I read Pastor Kong’s blog entry early this morning on the topic of postmodernism, and I must say, I was pretty blown away by it!

Awesome piece…

While such fancy-sounding words may seem a little intimidating, Pastor really broke it down and gave an excellent little historical study on this concept and how it applies to us Christians today.

A small excerpt of the entry:

“While we live in a broken-down, perverted world, I do not believe in keeping Christians na├»ve and ignorant of the harsh realities of society. In absolutes, we must be absolute. But in non-absolutes, we should allow the freedom of personal preferences and give space to the Holy Spirit to lead every Christian individually. I don’t ever want City Harvest Church to be so isolated and sanitized that we become out of touch with the world. Rather, I want to educate and empower my generation to be as creative and colorful as possible, living a dynamic, sophisticated, anointed life in obedience to Christ and the cause of His kingdom.” (Kong Hee, 2009)

Read the full blog entry here!

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