Sunday, August 16, 2009

Daddy Graduates From Bible School!

After five long and gruelling months, with hardly a good night’s sleep, what with balancing work, school, baby boy and wife… I am so proud that Nic not only graduated from the School of Theology, he obtained 2nd place for the Best Academic Performance Result! Woohoo!!!


It is really his area of gifting – doing well in studies! Hahaha! Congrats darling! :)

Trying to upload the photos onto Facebook, but FB’s a little bit laggy now, so here are some of the photos!






Following the graduation service, we went to White Sands Hong Kong Cafe, and taking advantage of the fact I had my gorgeous Canon EOS450D, I decided to try food photography. It turned out pretty good (if I may say so myself)!


四季豆 or Four Seasons Beans… one of my faves!


Prawn Paste Chicken… Yummy & juicy! Jay loved these!


Prawn Dumpling noodles. Very yummy as well!

And was it any surprise? After such a fun-packed day, Jayvon took more than an hour to get to sleep… And could hardly wake up this morning to go for service again!

Well… SOT has been an eventful period for us all, and I am glad Nic not just survived, but thrived through this period! Phew!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to your husband!

Klessis said...

Kudos to a supportive woman behind him too! :)