Saturday, September 26, 2009

Creativity & I

I have never been a very creative person.

Music? I have tried to learn the guitar for the past… 8 years.

Art? My parents sent me to art school as a young kid. Well, I could paint forth gorgeous designs like this…



Of course not. Maybe in my dreams.

If you still didn’t hear my laughter ringing in your ears, I didn’t paint that.

But one of the things I genuinely enjoy making and creating…

Handmade accessories!

So I’m happy to announce that my colleague and long-time friend, JerB and I have decided to jump on the blogshop bandwagon! To not just make pretty accessories, but also to (hopefully) make some pretty money. Hahaha! Hopefully, we will officially launch our new website within the next 2 weeks!

Till then, do hop over to JerB’s blog to see some of her marvellous creations! My designs? Coming up soon too!

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Jerb said...

Wishing ourselves good success!