Sunday, October 11, 2009

Food Review: Swensen’s Weekend Breakfast

Last Sunday, I had an unexpectedly free morning, and so decided to bring Jayvon over to enjoy a scrumptious Swensen’s Breakfast! I’ve heard a lot of rave reviews about it, and how many lamented that it was only available on the weekends…


Jay was so excited about the breakfast, he was talking to everyone and everything. Yes, even the table.




And all this before the food even came. Haha!


I ordered the French Toast with Ham & Cheese set, which came with a great side – yummy mushrooms! – as well as coffee/tea and a glass of juice.



Check out the oozingly yummy cheese! The french toast is one of the best I tried! The batter is light, it doesn’t have an oily aftertaste and … in short… excellent!

I wanted to order the kids’s set for Jay, but I knew he would not be able to finish it. So I took the chance and asked the waitress if they offered the potato bites as a side. After she consulted her manager, she told me yes, and that it would cost S$1.20.  I agreed, thinking it would probably be a measly 3-4 pieces of the bites, for this price. To my surprise, the potato bites came like this:


I was impressed! At just $1.20?! Wow…

Jay loves these potato bites… and look at how cute they made them!


Yes! In the shapes of a sun, a star and even a crescent moon.




Jay showing off his delicious breakfast…

All in all, it was such an enjoyable breakfast for Jay and myself!

And the total “damage”? S$10 for the both of us!


Cairo Typ0 said...

I love french toast. *drool* But i'm not sure which of you got the best meal. LOL

Anonymous said...

Aw, how fun!