Friday, November 20, 2009

Healthy Muffins


I wanted to make some muffins for Jay… Shopping around, I could only find ready-mix ones, but I have no idea what came over me, and I decided to make these from scratch. Yes. From scratch. From flour-sifting, banana-mashing, granola-sprinkling, egg-whisking scratch.

Want the recipe for Banana Crunch Muffins? This is the site! As I learnt the metric system, seeing instructions like “1 cup” totally threw me off. If it astounds you too, this is an excellent site that helps you with recipe conversions!

I decided to try to introduce healthier snacks to Jay’s diet. A drop in the small junkfood ocean, I know… but hey, it is a start! Haha!


Cairo Typ0 said...

Funny that 1cup threw you off. I have the same problem with 250g instructions. LOL

Anonymous said...

Happy SITS Saturday you too!

I really prefer to bake from scratch. Because:
You always know exactly what's in it.
It has no preservatives.
Substitute to your hearts' content.
It's usually less expensive.
And finally: Your family knows how much you love them when you put all that time and energy to make something for them:)