Thursday, November 12, 2009

Maclaren Strollers Recalled!

How scary! My colleague just informed me that in the US, Maclaren is recalling all its strollers as there were reports of 12 (!) babies having their fingertips cut off by the strollers’ hinge!

However, the report stated that the Maclaren strollers in Singapore would not be recalled, reason being “its strollers meet safety standards here.” They will however be issuing safety covers for free, which will cover that hinge.

My immediate thought: Does it mean Singapore’s safety standards are lower?


Having multiple strollers have paid off. LOL! It also helps that Jayvon is now older and therefore I feel that his Maclaren stroller, with its thin cover isn’t very comfortable for him, and so in recent days, I’ve been using the Peg Perego, which is broader and more cushioned, to bring him out on long walks.

If you do own a Maclaren stroller, please keep an eye out for reports when the safety covers for the strollers will be available.

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Cairo Typ0 said...

A stroller recall is rather scary. *eek*