Sunday, January 10, 2010

My Soon-Coming View

We’ll be shifting to our new place soon. Yippee!

We brought Jay to the new house yesterday. Not to see the house itself, but to see the vicinity. And lo and behold we realised that there were 2 big playgrounds and loads of open air areas for running and playing. What a fun place to grow up in!

Here’s a preview of my soon-coming view…


I love this view… Though my flat’s not sea-facing, it also enjoys an unblocked view!


Loads of greens from my 11th storey flat.


A small roof top hang-out area, above the multi-storey carpark.

Well, these photos are taken from my last visit to the flat, but as the proceedings weren’t confirmed then, I didn’t want to post these pics. Now, my first appointment with HDB’s set so I’m pumped! Woohoo! Looking forward to shifting in in a few months’ time!

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...::Mrs. Southern Bride::... said...

Wow, what a view!!! So pretty!