Friday, February 26, 2010

My Outlet…

Nic thinks I am mad.

I half-think he may be right, after all.

The month of March is like… crazy-busy for me.


This Sunday is Vision Weekend, next Sunday is AGM. Following that, I have my ISO audit coming up month-end.

Above and beyond that, there’s still my “regular” work and preparation for FOP in July this year.

No, I’m not going mad over the work. Not yet, anyway.

But he thinks I am mad for BLOGGING every night! Hahaha! And not just this blog, but Jay’s blog as well.

Well, it is my outlet.

Keeps me from kicking and screaming…

And it helps that blogging is pretty enjoyable to me.

I hope to *fingers crossed* keep up a daily blog post for both these blogs. Will try… Words don’t run out. Maybe just time. Hahaha!

(Photo credit: Flickr)

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