Sunday, March 21, 2010

What an amazing thing!

Well, if you regularly read my or Jay's blog, you would be well-associated with Bear-bear, Jay's absolute fave stuffed toy.

Since Bear-bear, we have bought him a stuffed tiger, stuffed elephant, stuffed giraffe (on our last trip to Malacca) and other stuffed bears, but none have served to capture Jay's heart like Bear-bear can!

And after so long, Bear-bear is looking a little under the weather.

Oh, in case you're wondering and shuddering over our hygiene level in letting our prince totter around with a stuffed bear all the time... Bear-bear has a body double. Yes, there are TWO identical bears, and my maid washes one each day. There used to be three, but the third accidentally lost its eye and hence, rejected by my discerning son.

And I foolishly thought two bears would be sufficient.

And by the time I wanted to get more....... There was no more to buy!

Gosh I looked high and low, went into almost every Mini-Toon shop (where I got the bears in the first place) and every other shop... For the past year, to no avail.

Until today.

I went to my fave hairdresser for my free hair treatmen session while Nic went for a cut and colour. I finished first, and proceeded to get some coffee. As I went down the escalator, something made me peer into a flower shop with some stuffed bears on display...

And what do u know... The shop had ONE Bear-bear on display! Oh golly... I was so excited I immediately went back up the escalator to buy that stuffed bear. Even if it were $50 I would have willingly forked out the amount. Thankfully... It was just $12.90!

Aah... Think the moral of this story... Mothers have some awesome senses, man! It was a fleeting backward glance into the shop as I travelled down the escalator and still managed to spot the bear amongst all the other bears. Haha! Nic was super impressed when I showed him my treasured buy... And went "You just bought one?" Well, there was only 1. But the owner of the shop agreed to help to check with her supplier if she could get more stock in.

What an awesome Sunday! I can't wait to show my prince his new Bear-bear! :)

(And since Nic was still 'stewing' and waiting for his new hair highlights to set, I decided to do something I've not done for the longest time - blog on my blackberry!)

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Stepford_Lives said...

Ha like the way I searched for Mickeys for son... Bought 2... then they disappeared!!! I was so afraid I would lose 1 somewhere, somehow!!! then the Mickeys came back on the shelves.. God, immediately bought 1 and stashed away in the storeroom (got deployed recently..) so there are 3 Mickeys in the house... actually there are more than 3 but my little boy only likes that 10" size Mickey... sigh kids..

San said...

Hahaha! Ya Sam, you gotta go get more of those Mickeys :P Stock 'em up!