Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Healthy Bento

I recently made a ‘pilgrimage’ to Daiso. I was never a fan of this storewide $2 store, always thinking it smacks of an “auntie”-air! Hahaha!

Maybe I’m old-ER, but I do enjoy the shop for a simple reason…

Daiso stocks some pretty nice Bento accessories! Gosh, I went twice, and spent more than $30 in total, without knowing!

Here’re some of my recent Bento weapons equipment.


Seaweed cutters, cute toothpicks, food separators and cute trays!

On Saturday, I decided to start on my second-ever Bento for Jayvon! Read about my first Bento attempt here.

I used this pretty yellow box I bought from Daiso…


And here’s how the bento looks like!



I steamed broccoli, baby carrots and sweetcorn as a side dish. Green, orange and yellow… looks so pretty and colourful!


Cocktail sausages and crabsticks, skewered by these pretty animal toothpicks.


Plus square-shaped rice balls (I mean, rice squares? Err…) with cut-out heart-shaped seaweed, and carrot animals to boot.

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