Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Maiden Bento Attempt

Almost a month back, on a wild whim, I tweeted a while back that I felt like making Bento sets for Jayvon. It was because I saw Jay so taken with a “Bear-shaped” container when we went for dinner, that this thought entered my head. Well I got such a lot of “YES YOU SHOULD”s replies, I thought I’d better try my hand at it soon.

I quickly made my way to Daiso to grab some bento-making weapons equipment, and waited for the “right” time to start on my maiden attempts. I surfed other bento-making sites to get ideas, thought of how I wanted to do it.

And then stuff happened. Work work and more work.

But a good thing about a long weekend is that somehow time is more on your side. I took the opportunity of the Easter weekend, and on last Saturday dabbled a little into the art of bento making.



Is this your first day knowing me?

Of course that is not me! This is more me.


In my dreams.


I am so setting myself up for a fall by putting these yummylicious bento sets that when I show you my creation, you may fall off your chair. Laughing. Or in shock. Or whatever.

So let me put your down nicely…


Manage your expectations.

Though I put a bit of thought into my bento set… reality was I only decided to actually DO the bento on Saturday itself. Which meant not much thought really went into ingredients and all.

Plus the fact my star-shaped hard boiled egg majorly failed.

And became kinda squarish.

And so I think you are sufficiently ready.





See the square eggs? They were supposed to be STAR-SHAPED, I tell ya!

Oh, and I realised I should get a bento box with double layers, so that I can at least spread fruits on one level.

Erm, well… I will remember that. On my next attempt! Hahaha…

(Photo credits: 1, 2)


Klessis said...

It's GREAT for a first attempt! =D Make more! Make more!

San said...

You are very kind! Hahaha! But ya, I am trying to think what can I attempt next. LOL!