Saturday, May 22, 2010

Walking on Grass

Followers of my twitter or facebook accounts would probably have seen a recent tweet I sent about a recent conversation I had with Jay.

I walked over to Parkway for some ice-cream, and as we were walking along the pavement, I told Jay: “Be careful and walk properly, Jay. Don’t step on the grass.”

His quick retort: “Only cows walk in the grass.

image(Photo credit: Flickr)

But what I didn’t tweet was the conversation that followed.

He went on…

“Elephants walk in grass.”

(He hasn’t mastered using the word “on” yet.)

And continued… “Rhino walk in grass…. What else walk in grass? Mommy, anything else?”

Mommy: “Dinosaurs!”

Jay: “Yes. Dinosaurs walk in grass… (thinking…) Polar bears don’t walk in grass.”

My little Animal Planet spokesperson. (This is now Jay’s favourite TV channel too. Haha!)

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