Saturday, July 03, 2010

“No need to bathe!”


Jay has a little bath-time habit.

It may be because he is a boy, and we know how all boys can be pretty disgusting.

I mean little boys, of course, but hey, if the shoe fits... :)

He would implore me, "No need to bathe?" and work those big round eyes of his. Any softer-hearted person might have relented.

But Mommy-tyrant? No way. A strong "Bathe" in retort ought to do it. For any lesser child.

Jayvon the sweetie will try his luck again, seeing how all Mommies are deaf to the first request. "No need to bathe, Mommy?"

Mommy: "Yes, bathe."

Jayvon: "No?"

Mommy: "Yes."

Jayvon: "Yes?"

Mommy (thinking the battle has been won, yippee!): "Yes, baby."

Jayvon (sensing a weakening, comes back even stronger): "NO!"

Mommy, by now still bleary-eyed and caffeine-deprived snaps: "Go. And. Bathe. NOW."

Jayvon (petulant lips and all): "No need wash hair?"

And the verbal battle resumes from the top....

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Li Yun said...

This is so true!

In school, bath time is fun for him (for now) because he will run in to turn on the shower head before the teacher enters. Haha!