Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Playgrounds galore!

Marine Parade is a kid’s paradise. From the HDB block I stay in, there are 6 to 7 well-maintained playgrounds within a few blocks’ radius! Enough to tire any kiddo out. And playgrounds never fail to make Jay’s day!

Brought him to the East Coast and after our morning at the beach, we proceeded for a hearty MacDonald’s meal, and to tire him out further, we proceeded to the playground just outside the Mac’s!

Sorry for the totally garish outfit, his earlier clothes were mud-soaked!


Immediately after the beach, doesn’t he look totally wasted and tired?

You obviously have no idea of how huge a kid’s reservoir of energy is when it comes to playtime.

Seeing the playground, he immediately perked up! Some alien must have whisked away that tired grumpy kid just 20 minutes earlier.






When we reached home, a good two and a half hours at East Coast, he required little coaxing for his nap! Haha!


Klessis said...

That's a really cool dude pants Jay's wearing there! Love it! =D

And I'm really glad we live in a city where there're playgrounds everywhere! =)

San said...

@Klessis: That IS true! Singapore's a cool place for kids. ;)