Thursday, November 11, 2010

Baby No. 2: Week 16


It is always a thrill to see Dr. Fong, as it is always an opportunity to “see” my Baby! Of course, that half-chair makes me feel super uncomfortable, but seeing his image appear on the ultrasound machine makes it all better.

“His” image, did I slip on that? Haha! Well, nope! Dr. Fong told us there was a 95% chance that Baby is a boy! Yes… Jayvon has gotten his wish to have a “di-di” (little brother)! The effective fervent prayer of a little boy obviously avails much!

Awaiting the arrival of my second Prince!


Edmund said...

Congrats! Its going to be fun! :)

Jerb said...

CONGRATS~! When I was pregnant, I would also look forward to see the ultrasound scans :)

Xia said...

Congrats on Prince #2! His '%' usually very accurate. He told me '100% sure' when I did my Wk 17 scan. :)