Thursday, November 18, 2010

Christmas tree’s up!

I adore the season of Christmas. The carols, the atmosphere, the presents… it’s a fabulous season of love, gifts and giving! And to me, a good Christmas tree is the epitomizes the Christmas spirit! After four years of marriage, this is our first nice tree. 


Not exciting, I know. These were the boxes our tree and decorations came in, courtesy of the good folks at Tangs!

Daddy then rolled up his sleeves and went to work on assembling the tree, a gorgeous black pine with silver sparkles at the end.



Slowly but surely building…




It was a long, hard process with Daddy setting it up himself!

Mommy was busy with the camera, and Jay? Well, he was just busy pottering around and entertaining us with his toys while we Daddy toiled.


But finally… Daddy accomplished his mission!


And our tree (albeit bare) is up!

Check out our actual decorations in my next entry!

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