Sunday, November 14, 2010

Dinner at RamenPlay


Ramen has to be one of my comfort foods. The soup, the noodles…

Before our Voyage de la Vie show on Thursday, we decided to pop into this ramen restaurant at Resorts World.


This was our appetiser a veggie with prawn roll, a complimentary dish, as we paid using a DBS credit card. It was refreshing and boded well for the rest of the meal.


Nic tried their signature ramen dish, with three different types of pork.


I had the Ebi Shoyu Ramen (which looked suspiciouly like normal prawn noodles!)

Overall, the ramen was quite disappointing. Nic’s soup base was overwhelmingly “porky”, and I felt mine wasnt’t as good as I’d want. I still give Yoshimaru my vote (and calories) any time!


We also ordered these chicken meat balls, but it was also not very yummy.

Overall, our dinner was pretty disappointing, and so thankfully, the wonderfully heart-pumping, butt-on-the-edge-of-our-seats Voyage de la Vie show MORE than made up for this meal!


daphne said...

Haha I'm also a huge fan of ramen, it's the ultimate comfort food. After trying so many, the best is still Santouka at Central (the pork cheek shio ramen). These days, we've stopped trying ramen at other places because it's never as good and disappointing ramen is worse than no ramen at all!

San said...

@ Daphne: Haha! Yeah. I thought it would be a pretty cool ramen place. Till we ordered and I noticed that at the back of the menu it said "BreadTalk"... Guess it all kinda went downhill from there. :P

Edmund said...

U are right about the prawn noodles! :) They do look similar

San said...

@ED: Haha, yeah. Definitely not a recommended place for ramen :P

corsage said...

I could eat ramen everyday! I like Santouka and Marutama at Central!

San said...

@Corsage: Haha! I am glad to know I am not the only ramen fanatic! :) I love Santouka and Marutama too! But Yoshimaru @ Big Splash is the closet to my house. Haha... So proximity rules out. :P