Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas presents galore!

I have always tried to maintain my family Christmas tradition of only opening our presents on Christmas Day itself. I am such a stickler for this! Nic thinks it is kinda strange. Jay probably thinks Mommy is torturing him. But nonetheless… tradition rules, especially for this! I also think it is so much more fun to open ALL your presents at one shot rather than opening as you get them. Fun for Mommy, obviously. Jay had a harder time understanding the rationale. Haha!

I did make a small concession, and allowed Jay to choose a present to open on Christmas Eve.


Auntie Sharon would be glad to know that without the slightest hesitation, Jay decided to open the elephant puppet! He even remembered which wrapper it was in!

But Christmas soon came, and the onslaught started!


Still in his pyjamas and with bed-hair to boot, Jay started selecting which present to open. He didn’t go for the largest presents, but rather chose the presents for the wrapper! Haha!


With each present opened came the insistent, “Can I play with this NOW?”

presents 2 

This is just SOME of the maaaaany gifts Jay received! He is such a blessed kid, with so many good Uncles and Aunties who adore him and splurged on him. Thank you for your generosity!



Madeline said...

Stumbled onto ur blog from mother,inc.. Thought i'd leave a mark.. We waited till xmas to open our presents too.. I too think it's more fun that way :) my girl has no objections but then again she's 6 months old.. :))

Klessis said...

Jay looks so adorable with his just-out-of-bed look! =D