Monday, December 20, 2010

The Lion King

A close friend sent me a message on Saturday night, strongly urging me to bring Jay to the Marina Bay Sands over the weekend to catch the special open house for the upcoming musical due to open in March 2011.

I decided to heed her advice, and set off for MBS on Sunday.

It is really one of my favourite places! From gorgeous trees lining the entire area…


To pretty shops…


And loads of pretty architecture…


It was a great way to spend a lazy Sunday evening! Having such a cavernous place also had the added benefit of not feeling squashed in by the crowds, as most malls are on weekends!

But our main motive was not lost…


And we soon reached MBS Theatres!


Jay busied himself looking at the exhibits on display and was immediately taken with the rhino!


We made our way into the newly opened Theatre, and caught some of the show’s highlights as well.


As you can see, Jay was pretty engrossed… for the first five minutes or so. Then his hunger pangs got the better of him! Haha!


But before we left… I made a decision to buy two tickets to the show when it opens in March! I originally wanted to get three (for us + Jay) but decided to be a little prudent seeing how each ticket costs $128…

Of cos AFTER getting the tickets, I am still considering getting Jay seats to this, seeing how he adores animals and I think he would be intrigued by the gorgeous costumes on display! Any sponsors? Hahaha!


This morning, before school, inspired by last evening’s outing, Jay took out an “old” jigsaw puzzle…




And with his usual intense concentration, completed the entire puzzle in 15 minutes flat!

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Edmund said...

Wa...Sounds like an expensive suggestion :)

But I am sure that u will like the show! IT's very good!

think i will be going again as well