Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Bali Days 1+2

Here we are in the gorgeous island of Bali...

Having just arrived last night, and only checked in to the hotel at 10pm, we ordered room service, and while Umah busied putting Jay to bed, I was busy surfing on my iPad, trying to find out recommended places to visit, eat and have massages! Haha!

Bali is such a humid place, but apart from the obviously-Balinese architecture and faces around, you'd be easily fooled to believing Bali was a part of Australia! Everywhere you turn, there'll be an Aussie tourist shopping or sunbathing or swimming! There're even Commonwealth banks abound around the island!

But I think in the short time we have been here, the thing that has caught my heart is the Balinese people's grace and strength. The aftermath of the dreadful bombing incident is probably still on their minds, and security guards take sentry duty outside restaurants and boot checks conducted for vehicles driving in hotels. The average income is also so low. The photo is taken from where Nic and I stole out to do a quick 1-hr foot massage, overlooking the Kuta Beach.

The price is cheap - rp65,000 for an hour-long foot rub (including a back and shoulder massage as well). This makes out to less than S$10! My masseuse tells me they do not earn any basic salary, and just a 20% commission on each massage done. That's just S$2 for an hour's work. :(

Well, that's been my experience at Bali so far. After our foot massage, we will be bringing Jay out for a nice Japanese meal, recommended by Melvin, Bluefin Seafood! Hopefully it doesn't disappoint! (To date, we've had some tasteless KFC chicken and so we're still waiting for a meal to wow us!)

See you all soon!
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Enjoy your trip! :)