Sunday, February 06, 2011

Soon he will getting his wings!

I should have seen it coming, really.

It started so innocently, as all growing up happens.


It was just a few months ago when Jay first got on a bicycle, and he was happily tottering along. When he finally learnt how to pedal the bike, he was ecstatic, and so enthusiastic that Daddy even bought him a tricycle for Christmas!

I even read Daphne’s blog about the balance bike, and was enthusiastically telling Daddy that we should SO get Jay one too! But my little whiz got me eating my words, when he entertained himself with a normal training bicycle during one of our visitations during the CNY period. So much so that we decided to loan a bicycle for him at East Coast on Friday evening.


He was ecstatic! Check out that grin!

He is also a speedster underneath that cheeky smile. He TOTALLY left Daddy and Aunty eating his dust, as he cycled from the East Coast MacDonald’s to the chalets and back again, all in an hour.


He started a little unsteadily, but he soon took to the bike and zoomed along merrily!


For this shot, he insisted on getting off the bike to pose with Daddy.

He’s growing up so fast! He is already telling us to bring him back to the beach for another cycling trip, so it’ll depend on Daddy’s schedule. (Where was Mommy throughout Jay’s solo trip? Enjoying my lemon tea in air-conditioned comfort, of course. Making a 7-month pregnant Mommy chase after a speeding bike? Pure torture, that.)

Soon he will be asking for his pilot’s license…

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