Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Online shopping… withdrawals

I miss online shopping.

And when faced with such advertisements, it makes the shopping itch come back all the more.


O be still, my heart, be still!

I am pretty defenseless to adorable baby clothes.

While my heart used to skip a beat at the Balenciagas & Loewes of the world…

image image

Now, I get heart palpitations from such things! Oh, how motherhood changes you. Physically (waaaaaay so), emotionally, mentally and now even in this deepest, rawest state of our psyche!

baby(From Burberry, Polo Ralph & Zara… That baby bag is to-die-for! First to drop dead would be my credit limit, of course…)

And given the advanced state of inertia immobility pregnancy I am in, physically going from storefront to storefront honestly seems just a tad too daunting and draining for me! Oh, but I can surf online endlessly, and that is the awesome thing about online shopping!

Got. To. Resist. Temptation!!!

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