Sunday, April 03, 2011

The very early arrival of Baby Xavier

It was a Monday night, and I’d just blogged about the “essential” items to pack in your hospital bag. All the items were laid out on my table, as I intended to get my helper to pack it all in nicely for me in the morning. Nic & I caught some TV programs, and called it a relatively early night at just before midnight.

But by 330AM, we found ourselves at Gleneagles, where I sent a simple message to my colleagues… and by 5AM, when it looked like we were at the “point of no return” (i.e. the baby WOULD be out by the end of the day), I started on my very long “love letter-email” to my colleagues, preparing them for the work that I was supposed to do that Tuesday but that they’d need to take over. What a pleasant surprise that was for Jerb & Wen! Haha!

Well, I won’t blog much about my labour story… suffice to say that apart from the length of time (3AM to 3PM), the actual popping was so easy. It is almost embarrassing, truth be told. Well, I will save that for another day (and another blog entry!)

He came a whole 3 weeks early, throwing Nic & I (and our colleagues in a little of a fluster at the sudden-ness of it all!) I thank God for great colleagues who really  stood in for me, especially with not one but two of my very major projects that was due in the next 2 weeks!


At 3:18PM, 29 March 2011… My second prince Xavier was born.


At Day 5, he is already showing his temperament (and cavernous appetite)!

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