Monday, August 01, 2011

The bigger, badder, Better Burger


I was recently introduced to a little burger and pizza joint, at The Foundry (Mohammed Sultan Road). The Better Burger & Pizza Memoirs.

It was at night, and I didn’t have my camera, so these are all taken from a friend’s iPhone.

photo 2 (2) 
The Pesteralla.

photo 5 (2) 
Sweet Dreams… and the most amazing ingredient on this pizza – BBQ Fish Bak Kwa! An original concoction, I hear! The toppings seem so different (pineapples, fish bak kwa, miso mayo?) but yet it goes together fabulously.

I admit, I am on a no-carb diet (got some post-pregnancy pounds to lose) and so a pizza and burger joint is hardly somewhere I should go. But THIS place is well-worth the little cheat. (Bring friends, share the calories, like what I always say.)

And… while writing this post, I realise that Pizza Memoirs even has an awesome 50% deal going on! Go to to pick up your 50% discount coupon, and enjoy the 9-inch Sweet Dreams pizza for just $11 – which is a fabulous deal!

This isn’t a sponsored review – we paid for our own meal, but I enjoyed the chill-out atmosphere and great food so much, I think you guys would too!

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