Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Everybody is kungfu fighting!

And everybody also includes my little bundle of firepower, obviously.

A couple of weeks back, we bought the Kungfu Panda DVD for Jay (the first cartoon, not the latest one). He absolutely adored it. I also plonked down good money to get Secrets of the Furious Five (which is just a 30-minute short story).


Jay would studiously study the various kungfu poses, and tell Daddy or me how to go about posing.

“How does the Mantis stand? How does the Master Tigress stand? Yes, Mummy. Good.”

Yes, Shifu.


One night, just before bedtime, it was time for some Kungfu Panda again. And time for my little Kungfu Panda to get some of his own moves in.




Don’t mess with him.

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